3D wheel aligner HC518B

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$8,800.00 - $9,000.00 / Unit | 1 Unit/Units (Min. Order)
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HC518B HC518B HC518B HC518B
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Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China
Brand Name:
1 Years
Total toe-in:
Kingpin Inclination:
Maximal wheelbase it can Measure:
Tread range:
one year
Technical support:
all the time
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
500 Set/Sets per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
plywood boxes and cartons

Professional, Reliable, Affordable









Famous-brand computers,


One key to restart the system,


Immediate use after installation,


Calibration? No need.


Automatic function to eliminate the lift unevenness,


Accurate measurement result, no need to push the car,


Mini targets,


Long and wide measurement,


High repeatability. 



Measuring parameters: 


Display accuracy: Range - , Accuracy 1/0.01°/0.1mm

Camber: Range  ± 10°, Accuracy  ± 2'

Caster: Range ± 20°, Accuracy  ± 5'

K.P.I.: Range ± 20°, Accuracy  ± 5'

Toe-in: Range ± 20°, Accuracy  ± 2'

Set back: Range  ± 5°, Accuracy  ± 2'

Thrust angle: Range  ± 5°, Accuracy  ± 2'

Thread: Range  2,000mm, Accuracy  ± 2mm

Wheelbase: Range  4,000mm, Accuracy  ± 2mm


Packing Information:


Packing style: plywood boxes and cartons. 


2 CBM totally


Technical advantages:


--  3D digital camera measurement system: two 3D digital cameras, four targets
--  Target Features: There is no electronic components on the target, without data transmission

--  no batteries facilitate the complete elimination of circuit failure. The product is more stable 
--  Equipment Calibration: Equipment calibration is done once only when the installation is complete, which is not necessary to regularly repeat. 
--  dynamic measurement: dynamic measurement based on pushing. Without raising its body, the vehicle is at a natural state. Simultaneous detection of four wheels would reduce measurement time and improve the accuracy.

Software system: simple operation, to read the basic wheel alignment data within two minutes. 

-- Low demand for horizontal level of lift: for the list, the levelness difference of 5cm or less has little impact on the measurement results, different from the traditional technology with over-reliance on gravity optical platform levelness degrees. 
-- All-model measurement: it can detect long body, low chassis vehicles. 
-- Maintenance: Maintenance is simple; the device doesn’t need periodic calibration. 

-- Standard components with this machine: 

1: Two cameras, beams and high column in line with the movable cabinet, 2: famous-brand computer with keyboard and mouse, 3. 19-inch LCD monitor, 4. A4 printer, 5. big and small targets, and luxury aluminum alloy columns 6. clamps: 12 "-22", 7 brake pedal holder, 8. Steering wheel holder, 9. Wedge-shaped pads, 10. turn-plates (400*400*50, one set)





The advantages of Hoton 3D wheel aligners compared with the ones of other brands:

(1) the measurement differences between 3D and CCD


       3D principle: First attach the targets to the tyres; the camera in front of the car then extract the location signals of the targets; the wheel aligner can tell the angles of tires after computer processing. 
       CCD principle: First attach the locating sensors to the tyres; the location signals can be tranmitted by wireless system(mainly bluetooth);the wheel aligner can tell the angles of tires after computer processing.
       3D advantages: convenience, long life, little breakdown possibility, low repair cost. At present, repair shops are usually dirty and messy, and thus the traditional CCD electronic equipments are more prone to failure, easily broken by a throw, and need to be charged often. Compared to 3D models, CCD models require higher operating cost. Nowadays more and more customers choose to use 3D wheel aligners with measurement accuracy and stability far better than CCD ones.


(2) the advantages of Hoton 3D wheel aligner compared with the ones of other brands,


  technology advantages: 
:advantage one: by adopting high precision industrial digital camera, it can measure a wider range, and be of anti-light interference. 
        we adopt the same brand 3D camera as that used in imported 3D brands, with high resolution, high precision and wide angle measurement. Both cars and off-road vehicles can be measured. No matter what the lighting conditions are, it can guarantee the accuracy. By contrast, 3D wheel aligners of other brands adopt domestic cameras, which are useful for cars only. They are impossible for superwide off-road vehicles unless you add money to lengthen the beams.


     1.2:advantage two: fast data changes without any delay. 
        We adopt Front-end CPU processing. As soon as the camera receives the image , it begins pre-processing, by removing useless information and sending useful information for processing to the computer through high-speed USB port, so the screen data changes consist with the vehicle changes without any delay. By contrast, 3D wheel aligners of other brands don’t have data preprocessing step. The data just directly goes to the computer processing. As the computer processing is slow, its reaction speed to the car adjustment is slow too.
:advantage three: High-precision targets and long-life clamps. 
        We adopts imported reflective materials from U.S. to ensure the accuracy and long lifespan of the targets. Also we use thicker and wearable clamps to ensure reliability of the whole equipment. By contrast, wheel aligners of other brands still use early CCD clamps, which easily deform to result in easy data change.


    1.4:advantage four: all-sided functions; cheap price
       Adding a little fee, you can enjoy being able to measure same parameters as abroad. Foreign 3D has multiple versions, and the price is very expensive. Besides the conventional parameters (toe, camber, SAI, KPI and toe-out-on-turn), called tire angle data, it can also measure(Expert Edition): wheelbase (even many 3D models don’t have this feature), wheel declination angle, Tread, lateral offset, chassis diagonal, etc, called chassis data.

:advantage 5: low maintenance cost
      We are committed not to pin down customers. For example, during the 3D aftersale service of other manufacturers, if a customer wants to do the calibration, he/she has to pay a high cost, at least RMB 4,000. However, in case our equipment needs to be calibrated (our model are fixed one, rarely need calibration), it is free. Generally speaking, maintenance cost for imported 3D is also high, e.g. RMB 5000 for a target. By contrast, we charge less than RMB 500 only.

   Currently the technology of HOTON 3D wheel aligner is mature, and we always enjoy a good reputation among customers at home and abroad. We rank far ahead in sales compared to other brands. I hope you’ll not miss this. HOTON brand, assure you of the quality.